“This project is about taking our greatest effort to create a brand which will help people to live with more kindness and awareness towards the environment, the animal kingdom and future generations.”

zeroimpack® wants to promote beautiful and sensible consumption of goods, through knowledge, respecting the human labour and innovating with the materials. We want to inspire the change, with our designs, with our products. Eco-packaging from Ibiza for the entire world.

Just by using the tools of this century, shouldn’t be difficult to live more cleverly, with a more positive experience and less impact on our planet. Ethical buying, consciousness, sustainability… we are all responsible for our acts. If you believe in this project, finally, you’re transmitting the best to your own clients too.

2023: the non-plastic island

What is the most you like of Ibiza? Maybe its beaches, its blue sea, its fauna or its gastronomy. For sure, it isn’t its plastic. In the last years, our island has suffered the consequences of the abusive use of plastic. Now, a new ecological movement has born, and we want to change the rules to make Ibiza natural again.

Associations, government, citizens and of course, some brands, have joined this initiative. We want to free Ibiza from the single-use plastics. That’s why it’s necessary to react just now.